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PRO Fantastic School Management System is a powerful school management system that has a lot of features to help school administrators run and manage school operations with a lot of ease than ever before.

The system comes with over 30 Modules that help in managing each and every corner of a school setup ranging from student admission, Student marks processing and grading, school fees, payments, expenditures, staff management, school dispensary, security, store, and much more.

You can also perform powerful data searches using filters for each module. This enables you to get rich data based on several data criteria.

The system also gives you the ability to easily generate students' progress report cards for any academic session.

You can also be able to view summary reports in the tabular and graphical format of all important data in the system.

With this system, you can easily export data to excel for advanced analysis and tabulation to suit your own needs as a school in different ways.

For dashboard appearance and customizations, you are presented with a wide array of configuration settings on the dashboard with over 10 themes to choose from and other layout options.

For Kenyan Users, I can also integrate MPESA school fee payments into the system for automated reconciliation of school fee payments. You can get in touch after purchase for MPESA integration which goes at a fee.

Also for Kenyan Users, there is the availability of USSD integration, where parents can dial a USSD code to check their student's marks and fee payments in real-time.

More advancements and features will be added in future versions to even make it better.

You can find the demo link

If you wish any customizations added to the system to fit your specific needs after purchase kindly feel free to reach out to me.


After purchase, you will download the project zip file. Place this zip file in your server root directory. Extract it there.

After extracting you can run the project you will find a setup screen that will guide you on setting up the database.

After setting up your application you can import the test data found in the 

DATABASE folder.

You can also contact me for assistance on setting up the project for FREE!!!


-In this module, you can add new students or modify the details of existing students. You can add student parent details.

-To change the status of a student or multiple students. Simply tick the check box at the beginning of the table row of each student, a more menu will appear on top where you will select Update Status.

-You can also bulk admit students into the system, by uploading a CSV file containing the student's details. You will find more instructions on the import interface.


-You can easily add details of parents or guardians in this module and be able to easily manage these details in the future.

-Also note: parents can create accounts for them to be able to see their student's details like marks and school fees payments and arrears.


-In this module, you can add all the teacher's details


-Add all available hostels to this table.


-Add all available classes to this table.


-Add all class sections to this table.

7.Bulk Fees Statement

-This module is used to generate bulk fee statements for all students of a specified class. You will have to provide all the fee details and amounts for this.

-Also note you can set the status of the statement. If you set it to active it will be generated for all students of the specified class. if you set it to pending it will not be generated and you can make amendments before finally changing it to active.

8.Student Fees Statement

-This table contains all individual statements for all students that were generated from bulk, but you can also use this to create a statement for an individual student.

9.Students marks entry

-This is where you enter marks for all the students.

-You can also bulk upload the students' marks into the system using a CSV file containing the students' details and scores for respective subjects. Kindly follow the instructions on the upload interface.

You can find the full documentation under admin area>>Utilities>>App Documentation.



---------- -----------

Admin: admin admin12345

Teacher: teacher 12345

Accounts: accounts 12345

Library: library 12345

Security: security 12345

Staff: staff 12345

  • Exams: exams 12345


Name: Ronald Ngoda



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